Residing in Western Mass with roots in Puerto Rico, I-Ganic began spinning records in the mid ‘80s at the age of 13. Inspired by the sound system culture of Jamaica, I-Ganic played parties and opened for local reggae bands. By the late ‘90s, he had developed his signature style of layering digital effects over a mix of top-shelf selections of the latest UK and Jamaican Roots, Steppas, Dancehall, and Dub. Having added more equipment and a much larger collection of vinyl, I-Ganic Sound System is the Pioneer Valley’s Number One Reggae Sound System.

"I started messin around with DJing when I was 13, 14. My influences at the time were hip hop, that's what got me involved. But what I was most interested in was the manipulation of the sound, scratching, and tweakin' the knobs. . .

"A couple of years later, I started listening to reggae and I started listening to people like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Augustus Pablo. And, of course, I discovered Dub: King Tubby, Scientist, later the Mad Professor. As time went on my reggae collection continued to grow and I wondered how I could make it interesting and DJ out. That's when I decided to start putting together the effects I'd heard. Y'know, how can I make that sound? That's how the sound system came about. It's really all about the equipment.

"At this point I was starting to hear a lot of the new U.K. dub stuff, like Alpha & Omega, Zion Train, The Disciple, Iration Steppas... I called my first system The Dub Connection, with my first gig being like half an hour or something with records skipping and crappy equipment, but it was fun. That was back in '94. A short time later I got to see the Mad Professor live. That was a great learning experience that gave me a lot of ideas about what I should do. I decided I needed to bring the Dub Style to the turntables. That's the beginning of I-Ganic Sound System.

"Since then, I've played in a lot of cool spots, got to throw a Mad Professor concert, had The Disciple come to my weekly and throw down a killer set, plus had an early debut of Matisyahu chanting up a nice session over the system... I've opened up for Luciano, Mikey General, Acoustic Ijahman Levi... I played a few seven hour sets in the chill out rooms of three New York City psychedelic trance parties, a bunch of house parties all over...

"My last weekly ran for nearly three and a half years, at the Harp, in North Amherst. But, it was time to move on, so I moved the Sound System to the Elevens, in Northampton. In the early part of the night, I usually play older stuff, like from the earlier years. I do a couple of styles: roots, dancehall, and dub. I think my favorite to spin would be dancehall, the conscious style, some people call it cultural roots, and heavy dub. By the end of the night, I try to get into current dub, usually from the UK.

      -DJ I-Ganic